January 21- February 25, 2019
Mondays, 4:30- 5:30 pm
Taught by Lauren Godes and assisted by Emily Garrett
6 classes for $70 or $15 per class/unlimited pass
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Nevine Michaan, the founder of Katonah Yoga uses the analogy of your body as a house, “you make a mess in it and you clean it up”.  Learn the tools and techniques to live a joyful life in your body.

In this class we will explore the theories behind Katonah Yoga, especially one of the basic premises that asana is origami. We will learn how to fold and unfold each pose examining the geometry that sets up a pathway for how information and energy moves through the body. We will work with math, pattern, measure, form, fit and function, weaving through the pragmatic intelligence of the body. We will create a safe environment to explore these tools and techniques which are designed to be worn, used, lived and in-time embodied.

Katonah Yoga has been developed by Nevine Michaan and her teachers over the last forty years. Synthesizing traditional Hatha yoga, classical taoist theory, mathematics, mythology and metaphor, Katonah Yoga provides a clear yet powerful understanding of “self.” Classes feature asana, pranayama and adjustments in a non-competitive and welcoming environment.

Open to all levels and practitioners from all traditions. Learn more about Katonah Yoga here.