with Chef Candace Taylor of Conscious Kitchen
Saturdays 1-3 pm:
June 29: How to Make Cultured Veggies
July 29: How to Make Cultured Salsa
August 10: How to Make Kombucha

$40 per workshop.
Register by June 27 for the Cultured Veggies workshop and use promo code FIVEOFF to receive $5 off the workshop price.

This summer fermentation series taught by Chef Candace of Conscious Kitchen integrates their passion for both food and yoga.  Each workshop is designed to be easy, fun, and accessible, providing a foundation from which to explore more fermentation recipes in your future.

Why does fermentation matter? Fermentation cultivates and enriches our body’s gut bacteria. The diversity and vibrancy of our gut bacteria is directly connected to our general whole body health and immunity.  Taking probiotics is not as effective at building and sustaining healthy gut bacteria as eating ferments. Purchasing both probiotics and fermented foods and drinks can be costly.

Learning how to make ones own ferments from foods you buy and/or grow is significantly more cost effective. Chef Candace is dedicated to teaching these ancestral practices not only as a way to save money but to introduce food practices that slow us down and mindfully connects us to our Earth’s inherent abundance and healing rhythms.

Participants can expect to:

Learn & practice gentle asana (yoga poses) that support gut health
Learn & practice healing mantra for food
Leave with recipes for the ferments you make in class and supplies to continue on your fermentation journey

Each workshop is hands-on and interactive. Enjoy yummy, sample dishes by Chef Candace while learning about the process of fermentation together in community.