with Mackensey Smith
November 1, 2019
7:15-8:45 pm
$25/$20 members
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Come experience the power of Transformational Breathwork!
In this special Breathwork class we will harness the anxiety living in your body as a guide to healing. Often our body uses anxiety as a way of getting our attention. Repressed emotion, unexpressed creativity, unprocessed traumatic experiences, and energy build up in the body are a few things that our anxiety is often pointing to. Seen through this lens, anxiety can become a guide or ally rather than an enemy.
Utilizing the transformative power of this Breathwork practice, we will give our anxiety a voice in a safe container, getting clear on the gift of healing hidden behind it. You will walk away with a sense of deep freedom and empowerment while learning a healing technique that makes this freedom accessible long term.

We will begin the class with an introduction to the work, grounding and opening of the group energy. We will then move into intention setting followed by the Breathwork Journey. Sound, essential oils, energy healing and sacred circle work are all tools incorporated into this 90-minute healing experience.

**Breathwork is a 3-part somatic, ancient, and restorative self-healing technique that utilizes the breath as a catalyst for profound personal growth and transformation. It allows for emotional detox, clearing of blocked energy and negative thought patterns, cellular restoration and ultimately coming back into your Wholeness.

**Dress comfortably, bring a blanket and someting to cover your eyes as we will be laying down for the Breathwork Journey.

About Mackensey:

Mackensey is a Breathwork Healer, Reiki Master, and passionate space holder. In her sessions, Breathwork and Reiki are used together to amplify energy movement in the body and create a unique healing experience curated per each individual. The Breathwork is a form of Pranayama that utilizes the breath to access higher levels of consciousness, shift emotional default settings, cleanse the body of blocked energy, and alchemize experiences that leave you feeling lighter and unburdened. Through these techniques, she fosters a safe container for people to soften their hearts and get in touch with their true Radiance.

“My belief is that each of us has a spark of Radiance, an inner light that, if tapped, will expand into our lives, guiding us to manifest our dreams, discover our unique journey to self-fulfillment, and by stepping into that helping others to do the same.”