April 7, 2019
with Candace Taylor
9 am- Noon
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The world is noisy.  Everywhere there is both beautiful, and painful, noise. There are many, many opinions, stories, and expectations. Amidst all this static, it can be difficult for us to truly know who we are.

In the Yoga Sutras, Patanjali defines yoga as the cessation of the fluctuations of the mind. This mind chatter, or Citta vritti, projects outward to shape our reality and influence both how we act in and how we perceive the world. The practice of yoga affords us space within self, beneath the noisy chatter, in order to hear our inner voice and tap into our true Self. This is the radical power of practice; curate a space where you can come into alignment with your whole, true Self.

In this workshop, our focus is to cultivate inner alignment. Coupling the yogic practices of inquiry-based asana, pranayama and meditation with values based assessment, journaling and group discussion, we will work to discern and disentangle the noise from the truth within.

This vulnerable and reflective self work acts as the soil from which you grow into becoming wholly YOU. Remember there is no other YOU. Who are you truly here to be? Let’s explore the answers to this question through the ancient wisdom and guidance of yoga.