with Rebekah Tinker
February 1-2, 2020
Saturday 12-6 pm
Sunday 10:30 am -3:30 pm
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Open to yoga teachers + teachers in training. Counts toward 300 hr certification.

The practice of yoga does not end with alignment and flow; the journey within this dynamic practice is about developing insight and remembering inherent wisdom. When working with the body my approach is toward deep listening, minimizing the story and explanation behind how and why our bodies are the way the are, and discovering the ways in which we can meet our physical experiences with compassion, trust, and safety. When guiding students one on one, this is our intention. Whether the student comes in wanting to understand their down-dog form, or find ways to cope with body discomfort, as the instructor, our duty is to weave together the truth of each posture and witness the paths of self discovery.

Within this weekend intensive we will discuss the practice of holding space with our individual clients through postures and sequencing, the art of touch, and vibrations of silence and sound through various types of meditation and silent, watchful, listening. Each day we will play with 3-4 different case studies varying in degree of emotional, physical, and energetic needs; as well as our own “parts” that arise in reflection to what the client presents.