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Walking with Whiteness Series

with Trish DeRocher

This Walking with Whiteness Series is a 4-week evening program intended for white-bodied people who are ready to heal from racial trauma on an embodied level. It understands whiteness as a cultural logic and tool rooted in historical amnesia and a misuse of power to keep humanity in false separation.


This series will include weekly readings and somatic practices to unlearn the deeply embedded cultural programming of white supremacy culture while introducing participants to social justice language and concepts.

During our time together we will interact with our bodies as historical sites to further understand ourselves, our ancestry, our communities, and how we interact with the world around us. Group sessions will consist of intentional conversations of readings, processing of scenarios and somatic exercises, and practice sitting with the discomfort of making ourselves vulnerable in difficult dialogues of race while staying connected to our bodies.

Proceeds from this series will go towards offering BIPOC scholarships for sessions and programs through Trish's practice, Transformative Consciousness Coaching and Consulting.

There will be no class on October 21. 

This series will be held online via ZOOM.

October 7-November 4, 2021

4 Weeks/$55

10 Class Card/Unlimited Membership

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