In honor of Veterans Gratitude Week, November 4-13, we are donating the proceeds of the following classes to the Veterans Yoga Project. In addition, all veterans can take any class at the studio for free during these dates.  Please help us spread the word. Namaste.

November 7
Monday 7:30 am
Monday 11:30 am
Monday 12:30 pm
Monday 7:30 pm
November 8
Tuesday 7:30 am
Tuesday 4:30 pm
Tuesday 7:30 pm
November 9
Wednesday 12:30 pm
Wednesday 5:45 pm
November 10
Thursday 7:30 am
November 11
Friday 7:30 am
Friday 10:45 am
Friday 12:30 pm
Friday 4:30 pm
Thanks for coming everyone!  Together, we raised $814.