Together We Rise Training (Virtual)

with Candace Taylor 

This virtual training will take place from 12-6pm on Saturday, September 19th and 10-3pm on Sunday, September 20th. Each session will include an hour long break.

A "Community Rate" is being offered for those who need it, if you are in need of additional financial aid please email

Are you interested in decolonizing yourselves and your yoga practices while understanding how the tentacles of oppression show up in your lives and actions from a yogic lens?  Are you a yoga teacher, yoga studio owner, yoga student seeking to deepen you LIVED practice of yoga so that it is reflective of the anti-oppressive roots of this ancient and sacred practice? Are you ready to accept responsibility and accountability for the ways we all participate in oppression? Are you ready to be free and live in alignment with your whole self?

Together We Rise is an annual weekend long immersion taught by Candace Taylor at Laughing River Yoga that focuses on oppression.

What is oppression?  Oppression is defined as a "system that maintains advantage or disadvantage, based on social identities (ie. race, class, gender, age, sexuality, ability etc.), and operates intentionally or unintentionally, on individual, institutional and cultural levels." Once we understand the framework of oppression, we can more clearly see the fragmented parts of ourselves and others, and consciously choose to to move toward wholeness. Wholeness is the goal of yoga.


Through self study and self exploration, we will examine how each of our stories have been woven with oppression.  We will come to understand with the support of yogic philosophical concepts like the yamas, niyamas and the kleshas as well as educational concepts like intersectionality and socialization to reveal how we all play a roll in systemic oppression and dominance culture in ways we are conscious of and ways we are unaware of.  This immersion seeks to dig into each of our stories to unearth the ways we are complicit, the ways we cause harm, the ways we spiritually bypass/gaslight, the ways we culturally appropriate not only in the world of yoga but in our lives in general; its all connected. 

Once we know, we can’t unknow. 

We will then use this knowledge we gain about ourselves to begin to look towards how we can create spaces as practitioners where people of all identities can show up and be fully who they are, where they are, with compassion and love.  It is through living this work that, together, we all rise.

September 19-20, 2020

Sustainer Option $199

Community Option $149

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