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The Science & Essence of Yoga Nidra

"To experience yourself in silence is when you truly hear the unlimited sound of your soul"- Malaika


Join Malaika for an afternoon of learning about the Science and Essence of Yoga Nidra. We will explore the history and Tantric Roots of Yoga Nidra, the science behind the effects of the practice on brain, mind and body, the Yoga Nidra Framework and how it facilitates deep rest and relaxation for all layers of being. It is through Yoga Nidra that we are able to peel back the layers of the body and tap into our true essence. The last hour of this workshop will include a gentle restorative flow and Yoga Nidra Practice.


Please be prepared with a notebook and writing utensil if you wish to take notes, cozy props for a restful Yoga Nidra Practice and an open mind!


This workshop is freely offered to those currently enrolled in the 200 hour YTT program.

January 28, 2023

$45/$36  Cosmic Members

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