Pelvic Floor Yoga: Stability and Strength at the Root 

with Emily Garrett

Built as a follow up to the 4 week pelvic floor yoga series, this 4 part class will focus on tools to cultivate more stability and strength in the pelvic floor. It is geared toward those who know they have a hypotonic (or loose) pelvic floor, which can manifest as stress incontinence and prolapse.

Since many of us have a pelvic floor that can be loose in some places and tight in others, this series can also be geared toward those who have a tight pelvic floor but want to focus on creating more stability. It will include asana practice, bandha practice, and breath and meditation techniques meant to cultivate confidence and stability in your root system.

This class will be held live and live-streamed from the Chace Mill. 

November 29-December 20

4 weeks/$55

10 Class Card/Monthly Unlimited