Sense of Place: BIPOC Affinity Space

with Sasha Finnell

This 4-week yoga series explores the three gunas (qualities of being) that can take us out of balance and also bring us back into balance. Yoga practice can be attuned to our present needs. How do we discover what is needed? There are many ways. In this series we will explore grounding into time and place as a pathway to deep listening. When we are able to hear the needs of our mind and body, we can move and breathe in a way that influences our internal state and leads us toward balance.


In this four week series, we will explore various yoga asana, pranayama, and meditation techniques meant to offer you a few more tools for finding a sense of place.


***This affinity space is for Black, Indigenous, Latinx, APIDA, and all other People of the Global Majority currently living on occupied Abenaki lands known as Vermont***

This class series will be held live and livestreamed from the Chace Mill. 

March 3-24, 2022

4 Weeks/$55

10 Class Card/Monthly Unlimited