I asked Yogiraj Prem Prakash, “How important is the guru? The great texts speak of a transmission of energy and a required guru for awakening. With ll the resources available today… and considering the accessibility of the once-secret teachings, can we awaken without a guru? Do I need a teacher?”

The soft sound of Prem Prakash’s friendly laughter, which began a quiet laughter among the group, helped me immediately realize the irony of my question.

Here’s what I took away from Prem Prakash’s answer to my question and other peoples questions: a student can be influenced by outside forces but, “only you can set yourself free.”

Prem Prakash explained that many of us are rooted in the false illusion of our identity and as a result, we’re caught in hurry, worry, fear, self-doubt and grief. Prem Prakash added that many Westerners are afflicted by a sense of guilt, which may trace back to our prevailing Judeo-Christian mythology.  He says the only way out of fear, loneliness, and confusion is through. These conditions are based on illusions of who we are.

With detached daily practice, yoga can reveal ones true nature to oneself and the nature of the world by stripping away illusion. Yoga exposes to oneself his or her subconscious patterns and the spinning nature of the mind (vassana) and yoga provides skillful means to relax the mind and open the heart. Yoga is a science specifically outlined in ancient texts and an art when you make the practice your own.

I’m deeply grateful to Prem Prakash for helping to connect me with my own inner truth and some truths of the universe- mostly that love is the longest lasting force there is and that I am you and you are me.
Jane Jarecki Lanza

Here’s a discussion with Prem Prakash from back in 2009 we recorded at BYC.
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