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sasha quattrocci


Sasha Quattrocci is a yoga teacher here in our Vermont community. 


It's true that we live in a fast paced world -- learning how to slow down and listen is a daily practice. Slow and reflective practices, like yin and restorative yoga help us do just that -- slow down and listen. Explore embodied ways of being through yoga asana (movement), pranayama (breath work), and meditation in Sasha's classes.


Sasha's teaching encourages the practitioner to live fiercely, find strength in softness, and power in vulnerability. Classes feature gentle flows balanced with restorative and yin yoga. Together we can keep leaning in and gently opening to those parts of our being that feel squeamish. In a society that tells us to work until we drop, practicing stillness and rest seems a radical act—however it is our right. 

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