“There’s nothing like a yoga retreat to shake up our regular patterns and create subtle, yet deep, change within. This year’s Mexico Yoga Retreat offered guests just that – The ability to peel away daily distractions and to drop fully into Sadhana, or daily spiritual yoga practice. The retreat center has what’s called “Jungle Internet.” It works sometimes and is generally unpredictable. This was an adjustment for most of our guests and even for Brian and myself as retreat leaders. It was amazing to see how much more time opened up in our day, without the “need” to email, connect, update, tweet, text, or call. Our focus shifted to our senses – The equatorial sun drying beach clay onto our salty skin. Sounds of constant ocean breeze rustling the largest palm leaves I’ve ever seen, steadily crashing ocean waves, wild bird calls. The scent of jungle flowers floating on salted ocean air. The steadiness revealed through drawing in the energy of the natural elements surrounding us, nourishing and sustaining us. The peaceful stillness gleaned through daily Sadhana. Upon departure, our hearts swelled with pure gratitude. ” – Gaby Goldberg