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Reiki Meditation

with Mackensey Smith 

This class will take place in-person at the Chace Mill.


Join us for a Donation-Based Reiki Meditation held as a sanctuary amidst the intensity of life. A gentle Japanese energy-healing technique, Reiki has been used for centuries as a gentle way to promote physical healing, relaxation, mental and emotional well being, greater vitality, and spiritual connection.


By introducing “universal life force” energy into a person's energetic field, Reiki is able to activate the natural healing processes of the body. This style of  meditation is gentle, accessible to all and when experienced in a group can support individual imbalances to come into greater health and alignment via resonance with the group energy.


Class will begin with an introduction to the focus for the session followed by a guided meditation, Reiki healing led by Mackensey (hands-free as per COVID guidelines), and guided self-touch suggestions to connect deeper.


No matter who you are or where you are on your path, this class is open to everyone who needs a space to feel and heal in community.


**No experience or previous knowledge of Reiki needed.

**Bring any props that will allow you to lay down or sit comfortably during meditation.

November 18, 2020


By Donation

$5, $7, $10, or $15

10 Class Card/Monthly Unlimited