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Pink Gradient

Movement, Mantra & Manifestation

Are you looking for a self-healing session that has a taste of everything? If so, ‘movement, mantra and manifestation’ is the workshop for you. This workshop weaves together yoga, breath work, mantras, mindfulness techniques and journaling, in an effort to help you manifest your deepest desires, align with your true/authentic self and become your favorite version of YOU.

What would it be like to envision the future you want, even under new norms? As we struggle to orient ourselves in an ever changing environment, it is natural to revert to habitual patterns that are skilled and unskilled and that may or may not serve you. This is a perfect time to heal old wounds and create new patterns.

It is Kelly's vision as a yoga teacher and master reiki practitioner to offer a holistic approach to healing ourselves. Over time, Kelly has collected little tips and practices that have created a profound shift in her life and she cannot wait to share them with you! Participate in your healing process with the intention to live more mindfully and radiantly. Develop techniques that build resiliency during challenging times. Feel spacious, balanced, luminous, and energetically connected to your self, your truth, and your people.

September 13, 2020


$25/$20 Members

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