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The Astrology of Inauguration Day

Devoted student and friend Jennie Date at Hidden Path Astrology breaks down the Astrological significance of January 20, 2021.

"Be the change you want to see in the world

You don't need astrology to feel the enormous tension surrounding the upcoming U.S presidential Inauguration. However, the astrological perspective presents symbols that can play out in a variety of ways, depending upon the consciousness of the players.

On Inauguration Day, we see a battle of wills, one attuned to the undercurrent of chaos and projection, the other hoping to establish new roots and stabilize the social structure. With the Moon at First Quarter, its face is sharply divided between dark and light, a visual indication of a crossroads. As the light increases, so does the demand for action. Moon in Taurus signifies the possibility of bringing reverence and peace to the process of building progressive alliances. It also suggests obstinacy against change and unconscious shaping by groupthink. The sensitive Moon, interestingly at the same degree of President-elect's own Moon sign, joins willful Mars and awakener Uranus. We aim to move beyond volatility to display courage and revive global connections.

A first Quarter Moon is exactly perpendicular, or square, to the Sun. This aspect symbolizes conflict and growth in a massive push for societal evolution. The Sun in Aquarius joins with the disciplinarian Saturn, transformative Pluto, and magnifying Jupiter to illuminate the possibility of a catalytic shift for humanity. The trick lies in integrating the dual needs for profound change and essential stability. For this, we need both accountability and compassion, as we re-imagine an inclusive and equanimous future.

As individuals, we choose how we stand witness to this momentous day in the U.S. What tools and wisdom traditions can you utilize to keep your feet on the ground, your eyes clear, and your heart open? It is helpful to know where this potent tension lands in your horoscope. None of us are exempt from the struggle of the times. If you know your Rising Sign (aka the Ascendant), use it to gain insight about what area of life shows this struggle for you personally. If you don't know it, use your Sun Sign.

Aries: Inner resources and community involvement

Taurus: The authentic self and vocation

Gemini: Recognition of suffering and the search for meaning

Cancer: Developing a network of allies and confronting subterranean dynamics of others

Leo: Social achievement and autonomous supportive partnerships

Virgo: Finding universal truth and incorporating it into daily self-care practices

Libra: Cultivating inner strength and giving unconditional love

Scorpio: Need for partnership and maintaining connection to own roots

Sagittarius: Helping others and telling your own story

Capricorn: Dramatic engagement with life and valuing yourself

Aquarius: Strong need to nest and showing up as an individual in the world

Pisces: Navigating logistics and recognizing your connection to the collective"

By Jennie Date at Hidden Path Astrology

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