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February at LRY: Orient

Updated: Mar 4

Our senses are a powerful resource.  When we utilize our senses consciously, they call our attention to the present moment.  The practices of listening, seeing, touching, and tasting attune us to our environment and place us directly in the moment, the place where liberation is possible.

So often, unprocessed life experiences keep us stuck in the past or fearful of the future.  ORIENTING through the senses is a wonderful way to BE HERE NOW.

I invite you to pause.  Take a moment to listen.  What do you hear in your environment? Look around.  What do you see to the right, the left, above, below, behind and in front of you?  Place your hands on your thighs.  What is the texture of your clothing?  The temperature of your hands?

Now notice.  Did your breath change?  Is more of you here?  It is so nice to be with you.

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