Candy Cotton

Pop Up: Bhakti Bliss

(at Burlington Surf Club)

with Kelly Skinner

This class is being offered in-person at the Burlington Surf Club.


Yoga is more than simply the asana practice on your mat. It is meditation. It is mantra. It is being in spiritual community.. It is living and breathing mindfulness. It is connecting back to our source. It is remembering your true nature, that of unconditional love, recognizing it in others, and sharing that love in your way of being.


Join Kelly for an evening immersed in YOGA. Asana, Kirtan, and sacred food!


Autumn Flow Asana 5-6pm

This is the time of the year when you celebrate abundance and all the good things you have in life as well as the skill of letting go. Take a ride through a creative vinyasa flow sequence that is sprinkled with poses that target your hips and shoulders and embrace the fall season through forward bends. Take stock of summer and learn to surrender into the cooler, darker months through your practice. 

FREE Kirtan 6:15-7:15pm

Props Suggested: A block and a blanket

October 23, 2020

$15 Single Class/10 Class Card/Monthly Membership