Pelvic Floor Yoga Series

with Emily Garrett

This four week class series offers specific, workable techniques that will improve the health and alignment of the pelvis, pelvic floor and pelvic organs. The health and alignment of the pelvic floor has a significant effect on the structure of the entire spine, the organs and one's capacity to breathe. It's well being contributes directly to digestion, anxiety, concentration, and lower back pain.

In this four week series, you will learn the anatomy of the pelvic floor, ways to diagnose whether it is too tight, too loose or healthy, and breathing exercises that access the pelvic diaphragm, a necessary yet often overlooked component of full diaphragmatic breathing. We will explore how to access the pelvic floor in yoga postures and learn basic ways your yoga practice can contribute to the health of your pelvic floor. Moola bandha is not the only answer!

If you experience any of the following this workshop can help!:

* pelvic pain

* prolapsed organs

* lower back, hip or groin problems

* discomfort during sex or using tampons

* leak when laughing or sneezing

* frequent need to urinate

* pregnancy and birth



This series will be held live and live-streamed from the Chace Mill. 

November 1-22, 2021

4 Weeks/$49

10 Class Card/Monthly Unlimited