Self Care

  Do you practice Self Care? Practicing self care can be tricky.  Here at Laughing River Yoga, we

Meet Agne

Alcohol was a present in my life since my teenage years. It was more of a social thing

Catch LRY on VPR

Laughing River Yoga is proud to be a VPR underwriter. Keep your ears out for LRY on your

Teaching Ahimsa

  For Yoga Teachers on Ahimsa – written by Sofi Dillof Although I appreciate that yoga teachers are

Oppression is Real

Learn more about the We Rise Series By Candace Taylor at LRY, focused on extracting the roots of

Yoga, Yin and Climate Change

Does Body Health Echo Our Planet’s Climate Crisis? What’s happening within us is intimately connected to what’s happening

Practice Compassion

Self-Acceptance leads to Self-Love. Self-Love allows us to truly love others. Practice Compassion for your self and others

LRY Video: Who We Are

Laughing River Yoga studio in Burlington, VT made this video for you to discover more about us, and

Who do you judge?

written by Emily Garrett How do your actions contribute to other’s suffering?  Let’s be real here.  No matter