Written by Jane Lanza

Producing the annual Modern Goddess Retreat is an honor and an event I look forward to year-round. There’s something sacred and special about a gathering of like-minded women, open to one another’s true selves, company, and growth.

We had the chance to practice yoga together, get henna, cook and share meals, snow-shoe, do face-masks and detox food soaks fireside, get massage, learn self-soothing reiki, chant, meditate, watch the snowfall, snow-shoe, learn tribal-belly dance, self-reflect and make new friends.  There were tears and there was laughter, memories made  and bonds formed to last a lifetime.

I’m touched by the presence and authenticity of each woman present and the gifts she has to share.

Please join us for future retreats to activate more divine feminine energy in your life and the Great Goddess within.

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