We believe that having the courage and patience to truly know oneself holds just as much value as being able to teach a safe and inspiring yoga class. Yoga is our natural state of being and is a direct experience of oneness. In order to achieve this state of Oneness, we must first be willing to take responsibility for ourselves as individuals in the world.

What does it mean to take responsibility for one’s self in the world?

We are willing to look at ourselves with absolute honesty and lovingly accept where we are now in order to initiate positive change that is realistic and sustainable.

We are committed to clarifying our core ethical values and work diligently to align the actions we take in the world with those core values.

We are able to think for ourselves and trust our own intuition and wisdom.

We are willing to embrace the entirety of who we are so that we can truly step into the world from a place of empowered authenticity.

The Laughing River School of Yoga is designed to create a safe, supportive and compelling environment for trainees to embark on this fierce and rewarding journey towards becoming a more conscious and kind hearted person in the world. This journey will unfold over our nine month training and the friends and community that we build over this time will be invaluable to our efforts.

Yogis are the radical members of society.  Through living in alignment with our values, embracing our raw humanness and accessing our unlimited potential, we, as yoga teachers, fearlessly inspire others to do the same.

Be radical.  Let Laughing River Yoga show you the way.