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Love Your Shoulders

So many of us hold tension in our neck, shoulders and upper backs! Whether we're working at a desk, driving a car or nursing a baby, the demands of modern life often create strain and/or pain in these important areas. Chronic holding patterns at our heart center can restrict our breathing and our full experience of our emotional lives. In this 2-hr workshop you'll enjoy a deep practice that gently relieves tightness and strengthens areas of weakness in the shoulder girdle, upper thoracic spine and rib cage.


You'll be invited to explore on philosophical, emotional and anatomical levels, what it means to open more deeply at the heart center. You'll be encouraged to observe yourself with curiosity and self-compassion while trying a mixture of yoga postures, breathing techniques, restorative postures and self-massage/myofascial release techniques to thoroughly love up your neck, shoulders and upper back.


The workshop fee includes 2 racquet balls to take home. Every participant will leave with self-massage and yoga techniques that can form a delicious heart-opening self-care routine at home. Your instructor, a massage therapist and yoga teacher, will use her combined areas of expertise to provide options and variations that are appropriate for all body types and all ability levels.

December 1, 2023

$30/$24 Cosmic Members

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