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Living in Season: Springtime & the Liver

Traditional Chinese Medicine tells us that each season coincides with a particular element and organ in the body, affirming our connection to the natural world and empowering us with the tools & techniques to stay well and balanced as the seasons shift. Just as our energy, diet, activities and lifestyles change with each season, so too should our embodiment practices! What "works" for you in the Winter may very well not serve you in Spring. Skillful and informed adaptation keeps us healthy and functioning well. During this 2 hour practice we will center & nourish the liver, the organ of Spring, through the lens of the Katonah Yoga method.


Katonah Yoga, developed by Nevine Michaan, synthesizes classical Hatha yoga with Taoist theory, Chinese Medicine, sacred geometry, magic, metaphor, and imagination. It provides a clear understanding of the mechanics of the body through mapping and measure while simultaneously encouraging an increased awareness of the self.

Friday May 3, 2024

$27/$21 Cosmic Members

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