This post was written by Krissy Ruddy for LRY.

14 years ago I took my first yoga class with @mariaddesigns in Andover MA. I remember thinking how good all the other girls looked and how clumsy and awful I was- but something clicked. 7 years ago I broke down, fell apart, prayed and listened to a small voice inside that directed me to the doorstep of my yoga teacher in Hawaii. Up until 2 years ago I always thought I could never be a yoga teacher because I was too fat, not good enough, and not perfect enough.

Tonight I stand in awe. I find myself closing up the legendary#laughingriverstudio after a beautiful class, the room still warm with the energy created by 10 beautiful souls being pulled toward their truth, breathing through their fears. My wildest dreams have come true. And the simple truth is this: it was never my body that was holding me back from who I wanted to be. It was my judgement of what I thought was possible for me. I’m grateful for my teachers that taught me to move away from fear toward love. To follow my heart. I stumbled a lot and It was messy. But because of it I have something to offer, something to share, and most importantly, something to teach. And so now I do.