Decolonizing Yoga:

A Deeper Look Into Avidya and The 5 Kleshas.

with Candace Taylor 

This 6 week series will be held online via ZOOM. Register online to receive your ZOOM link.


This series is available at no extra cost to COSMIC members.


As a part of Laughing River Yoga's School of Yoga, we are focusing on liberation through self knowledge; understanding the kleshas is fundamental to inner work. What are the kleshas? There are 5; asmita (ego), raga (attachment), dvesa (refusal), abhinivesa (fear) and avidya (ignorance). Each of these kleshas are considered to be the root causes to all suffering and the obstacle to yoga. In these series, join Candace as we begin to investigate how each of these kleshas show up in our respective lives.


Getting clearer on how the kleshas inform our own patterns of behavior and thought frees us from its grips and empowers us to live our yoga as whole liberated beings. Each week we will center one of the 5 kleshas, classes are 90 minutes long and will integrate embodied reflection, lecture and group discussion.

April 4-May 9, 2021

Sundays, 6-7:30pm

6 Weeks/$75

10 Class Card/COSMIC Monthly Unlimited

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