Do you find you that you lean to one side or another at your desk or hunch over while using your phone?  When you favor one side in this way, or round your body forward, your head moves out of alignment with your spine. This stress results in chronic tension and muscular strain.

What’s a solution? NECK STRETCH

To encourage better alignment deeper breathing, gently open the chest and shoulders, and stretch the sides of your neck, practice this simple exercise:

Sit up as tall as can be. Drop your right ear toward your right shoulder. Count to 5 during each inhale and each exhale and stay for 5 rounds of breath. Drop your chin in toward your chest and roll your head toward center. Return your head to a neutral position. Switch sides.

Finally interlace your hands at the base of your skull, drop your head into your hands, and gaze skyward. Repeat 5 rounds of breath, counting to 5 during each inhalation and exhalation.