I had a sort of frustrating experience while teaching a class. I spent a good part of my morning putting together kick ass music mix for my afternoon  yoga class. It had the perfect flow to it –  to elevate the energy of the room when it need to be elevated, ground when it needed to be grounded, calm when it needed to be calmed. It was perfect. Unfortunately, the iPod played the songs in the all the wrong order. No matter what ‘buttons’ I pressed or touched or whatever, it kept on doing the same thing.

After class, I showed my iPod to my friend John and he said, “Oh, you have it set to shuffle and repeat”.

“Shuffle and repeat, shuffle and repeat”, I said. “That sounds a lot like what’s been going on with the thoughts in my mind lately…. shuffle and repeat, shuffle and repeat, shuffle and repeat

Do you ever get caught in certain thought patterns? Do the the same old  thoughts play through your mind over and over again just maybe is a slightly different order – no new information, no new revelations just shuffle and repeat, shuffle and repeat? Often times we aren’t even aware that this is going on. We might actually even believe that we’re onto something new only to find  once again that we’ve returned to someplace that we already visited and revisited and each time we arrive we are a little more weary for the energy expended to get there. The good news is that once you are aware that your caught in this type cycle, you can begin to do something about it.

Yogis, who have been aware of this phenomena for thousands of years,  have prescribed mantra repetition as a cure. The word  ‘mantra’ comes from the Sanskrit ‘man’, meaning mind and ‘tra’, meaning to protect or free. Mantra repetitions can help derail the mind from a particular though pattern and open it up to new and positive insights.

The vibrational effects of Sanskrit mantras are especially healing and can help purify our minds to its deepest level. “OM” – the vibration of Oneness, or,  “OM NAMAHA SHIVA – I bow down to the benevolent energy within, are example of two such mantras you can try out for yourself. If you’re not comfortable with the Sanskrit sounds you can even repeat an English phrase such as, “May all be happy, May all be free” or simply the word “Love” or “Peace” or something that helps to connects you to your heart center.

John explained to me that when the shuffle and repeat icons on my iPod were off, they would appear in white. In much the same way, when our minds are free from our thought patterns they become more clear. Like a white light with in, they can then be used to illuminate the truth of out being which in Oneness.

It may not be quite as easy as simply changing the settings on your iPod, but the transformative effects that mantra repetition can have on your mind –  and therefore on you life – are profound.

Give it a try and let us know how it goes for you.

With love,