Join Lakshmi Plasha for an upcoming weekend workshop at Laughing River Yoga. Use mindfulness, meditation, and yoga to better understand yourself, the world, and a therapeutic approach to one one one work with clients.

We asked Lakshmi some questions about the weekend workshop (shown below in bold). Her replies are shown below in italics.

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Who is this training for?
This training is geared for teachers and teachers in training who are hoping to work one on one with individuals looking to deepen their practice of yoga and/or meditation/mindfulness.

What’s your inspiration behind this work?
My inspiration is my own journey as well as the individual journeys of those with whom I work.  I am inspired in meeting each mind where it is to support it completely on the journey toward intention and inherent courage and strength. I am also inspired by the world as it wakes up to the research behind yoga and mindfulness as mental health interventions.