Intro to Bhakti Yoga

with Mike Conway 

This 4-week series will be held online via ZOOM. Register online to receive your ZOOM link.


Come explore the loving nature of your soul in this thorough introduction to Bhakti, the Yoga of Devotion. In this 6 week training, you will learn 6 integral elements of Bhakti Yoga practice. These elements of Bhakti will open your heart, transform your mind, and bring you immeasurable joy.


Through Bhakti we will awaken the dormant wellspring of love within our hearts: our love for the divine. This will be a very engaging course full of community building, discussion, lecture, kirtan and chanting, as well as daily practices, meditations, and reflections.


You will leave each session with teachings and tools to continuously transform your heart and mind. You will also help create a beautiful, uplifting community that will support you for months or years to come. All this course asks is that you show up willing to connect to your true nature: unconditional love.

April 3-24, 2021


4 Weeks/$89

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