emily triangleListening to Rick O’Neal’s radio show on WRUV a few years ago, I heard a talk by Dr. Cornel West .  The following words have stuck with me, “IN THE QUEST FOR TRUTH YOU MUST LET SUFFERING SPEAK.”
In this talk, Dr. West referred to the suffering of others.  He encouraged people to notice those around us who are suffering, even when they may seem far away or unaffected by our lives.  He encouraged us to look outside our lives and remember that even when things are going well for us, there are others who are having a hard time.  And,  when we are experiencing suffering in our own lives it is important not to shy away from it but to look it squarely in the eye and find the truth that lies beneath.  The whole truth includes all of us.  It is you and me and her and him.
It is this idea that prompted us here at Laughing River Yoga to choose the tenant “No one is free until we are all free” as a guiding principle behind our mission.  It is my work, not just as a yoga teacher,  but as a human being to remind myself every day to remember this. -Emily Garrett