This campaign is in line with our mission Yoga Changes the World through Transforming Individual Lives.  Read more about our mission here.

Laughing River Yoga is excited to partner with Turning Point Center, a safe and drug free space for those in need of recovery assistance.

We are excited to facilitate opportunities for individuals to empower them selves through yoga.  Our partnership with Turning Point provides free or low cost trainings for Turning Point staff and clients.  Trainings and workshops at LRY provide an opportunity for staff, many of whom are offering free programs for clients, to nourish themselves.  All of the staff are also in recovery.  We are also sponsoring a weekly yoga class for clients taught on site at Turning Point Center.  For $20 you can sponsor one of these classes.  Our goal is to continue running these classes indefinitely.  We need your support to make it happen!  Next time you are at the studio, please consider purchasing a class for yourself and a class for Turning Point.