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Healing Through the Chakra System

with Kelly Skinner 

The 7 main chakras are centers of high frequencies within your subtle body; and each chakra “thinks about” 7 different parts of your life (through different parts of your brain). The chakras form based on past experiences in your lifetime, and you have formed coping mechanisms from childhood that may no longer serve you as an adult.


We can use the chakra system as a map to uncover limited beliefs and stuck energy that are holding you back, and creating imbalances and misalignment in your life.

Saturday Session (12-3:30pm) – overview of chakras, asana practice, chakra healing practices

Sunday Session (12-3:30pm) – learn how to create asana sequences and themes for each chakra, as well as how to observe yourself/others/students through the lens of the chakras to direct healing (*open to teachers and students)

October 16-17, 2021

Early Bird (Register before 9/24) $179