Going Inward: 3 Ways to Take Sacred Rest & Cultivate Your Intuition This Winter

As winter deepens, it’s easy to feel more disconnected, sluggish, and constantly reaching for your phone or other distractions to get you through these cold days. And yet, the darkness and slowing down of the natural world around us also gives us an invitation to go INWARD with intention as a powerful way to create more space, more peace, and more clarity in your life and in the world. So how do we cultivate sacred rest and our own sense of deep inner knowing and intuition? How do you create deep, sacred connection to yourself amidst all the noise, uncertainty and change around you?


In this workshop we’ll use song, intuitive self-massage, guided meditation, journaling, and discussion as tools to investigate practical and sacred ways to slow down and listen deeply to yourself so that you go into this winter feeling more fulfilled, invigorated, alive, and clear on your next steps in your spiritual journey.

Let go of the noise, uncertainty and swirling change of the times, and instead sink in, get cozy, unwind, relax, connect, slow down & listen deeply.

You'll walk away with:

- A feeling of being nurtured, held in sacred space and capable of taking time for yourself so you can move through your days with a greater sense of ease, clarity and purpose.

- Ways to create more space in your day to rest and rejuvenate, even if you have a busy schedule.

- Simple practices to access your intuition, clarity and sense of calm.

December 30, 2021

$25/$20 Cosmic Members