We had the good fortune to ask Jennie Date and Jenn Childress, two of our regular yoga students at LRY, a few questions about their life, love, and yoga practice. Jennie and Jenn offer yoga and mountain bike instruction; learn more about their company: Singletrack Mindfulness. Thank you Jenn and Jennie. We sincerely appreciate you both and are glad you’ve joined our yoga community (sangha) at Laughing River Yoga.

Here is some of what we learned from Jennie (shown left):
“I have been practicing yoga regularly for about fourteen years. Laughing River is the studio of my choice because of the teachers here.  Anytime someone has asked me about how to “get into yoga”, I respond that the most important thing is to find a teacher you like, who you resonate with. And that is what I have found here at LRY.
It is hard for me to narrow down just one or two reasons for practicing yoga.  I started out practicing as a way to cope with a difficult life change and balance all of the rigors of mountain biking.  Over the years this has evolved and changed continuously and I practice yoga for some of the following reasons:  to open the many tight areas of my body; to find more mental balance and stability; to be a part of the local yoga community; to continue to develop inner awareness and wisdom; to remember the keys of compassion, patience, acceptance.  If I had to pick one reason, I would say that more importantly than anything, is that it reminds me to stay present to all the precious moments of life.
My favorite hobby is being outside as much as possible, especially on a mountain bike in the woods, or snowboarding powder in the winter.  I also enjoy painting Lake Champlain driftwood and cooking using the sometimes mysterious vegetables from our farm share
[Jenn and I] practice yoga together often and prioritize having a warm, cozy designated space in our house. Yoga is a part of our relationship in many ways.  In my view, a successful relationship is cultivated in part by each partner being equally committed to working on themselves: being willing to be introspective, to work on understanding your own shortcomings and positive attributes, and to take responsibility for yourself.  Additionally and very importantly, yoga helps you develop empathy and allows that moment of PAUSE, when you can find a way to respond, rather than react emotionally.  Having a partner who is equally committed to the practice of yoga and/or meditation is amazing!”

Here is some of what we learned from Jenn (shown right):
“I have been practicing for five years.  A friend introduced me to Sofi’s Thursday night class when I first started practicing.  Her class had a powerful message about ahimsa resonated with me all week long.  I knew I would need to come back for more.  Her teaching was so much more than a work out.  It was helping me to be more introspective.  Then Jennie took me to an Emily class and again, I couldn’t believe how good I felt after class both physically and emotionally.  Both Emily and Sofi leave you with little nuggets of wisdom that you can carry with you all week long until the next class.  My experiences in class convinced me to do the Yoga Teacher Training with them and it was fantastic.  It was really transformational for me.  I always recommend Laughing River to people looking for a holistic yoga experience.
I practice yoga because it helps me feel happier and more content in my life.  It helps me to be a kinder person, and it helps me to be a more compassionate teacher.  It gives me that pause we all need  in order to stop and think before we react.  It helps my body feel fit and healthy, and it provides relief from all the other sports that I participate in.
When I’m not doing yoga I’m on my mountain or road bike during the warmer months or outdoors during the winter on my snowboard, XC skis,  or hiking.  I teach middle school language arts so I also spend a great deal of time reading young adult fiction. My favorite hobbies would definitely be mountain biking or riding a bike in some capacity.  I also love snowboarding. Playing guitar and reading are another way I spend my time.
Jennie and I meditate and/or practice yoga together almost every day.  We help motivate each other and it keeps us both happier.”