We’re honored to have Sara Clayton as part of our yoga studio community. Sara is our student of the month. Sara participated in the interview we conducted below, to get to know her better. Here’s a little about why we think she’s so special. Thank you Sara for being you!

  1. How long have you been practicing yoga?

I have been practicing yoga on and off for about 20 years.  I first learned about yoga and the many benefits of practicing yoga while working with a therapist that incorporated meditation and yoga into her healing style.

  1. Why do you practice yoga?

I practice yoga for many reasons.  I find I do much better out there in the world when I have moved with the intention and mindfulness that a yoga class offers.  I also like trying new asanas, especially when they offer a challenge to my mind and body.

  1. Why is Laughing River Yoga your studio of choice?

A friend (also my hairdresser) suggested I try LRY after I mentioned to her that I was interested in taking a yoga instructor training series. I’m so grateful that she did because I’ve been practicing pretty faithfully since April of 2018 at LRY and started YTT in September 2018.  The studio is quite large, with lots of natural lighting, due to several virtually floor to ceiling windows.  The windows look out over the Winooski River, which is sometimes calm and sometimes not calm at all, a little like us.  I like that many classes start with slowing down, and practicing breathing exercises.  Breathing…who knew how powerful it could be, especially at the beginning of a yoga class.  Many times I arrive at classes after a busy morning or afternoon and just taking a few minutes to breathe makes my yoga practice (and me) much more centered.  I also am happy with the variety of classes offered at all times of the day.  My favorites are:  Vinyasa, Katonah & Lunar Flow.

  1. What do you do when you’re not doing yoga?

When I’m not doing yoga I am often working out at The Edge taking Les Mills classes such as: Body Attack, Body Step or Body Tone (as I said I like to move and challenge my body).  I can often be found on the Overlook Rec. Path in South Burlington with my daughter’s dog, Kenzie.  Currently, I am helping my dad, who had a stroke on October 30th with his business.  That keeps me very busy.  I also have a 15 year old miniature dachshund that likes a fair amount of attention.

  1. What is your favorite hobby, food, or art?

My favorite hobby is probably working out, moving to music.  I also enjoy meditating daily.  I’m a vegan (or I try to follow a whole-foods, plant based diet) so I’d say my favorite thing to eat right now is the crunch wrap at Pingala. 🙂  I find coloring in the new adult coloring books very relaxing and I also like to make collages from magazine pictures and sayings that inspire me.

  1. How has the LRY YTT impacted you?

Through the LRY YTT I have made a lot of friends.  I’ve learned that it is a challenge for me to sit still even though I want to.  I am learning about the origins of yoga, about how the body and breath work together to bring health and peace of mind.  I believe the way YTT has most impacted me is to help me realize that I’ve pretty much been on the right track in my life with a few snafus here and there.  I find it very powerful to be in a room full of people all wanting to be the best they can be and have the desire to be a force for peace and kindness in the world.  Namaste