We got the chance to ask Frank DeAngelis, one of our regular yoga students at LRY, a few questions about his life and yoga practice. Thank you Frank DeAngelis for being you. We love your presence at Laughing River Yoga.

Here is some of what we learned from Frank:

“I’ve been practicing yoga for about 5 months now. I started practicing yoga after a serious back injury in February.  Do not move heavy firewood on slick ice!  Yoga was the only exercise practice that helped alleviate my pain and centered me physically as well as mentally.

I was googling yoga studios and Laughing River caught my attention.  I took two superb private lessons from Emily, who helped me understand breath and basic moves.  Then I did a fabulous Morning Flow class with Weezy . I was hooked.  That first group class was pivotal because I tend to be nervous in groups but Weezy was so supportive and the students so friendly….I had to come back for more!

I’m immersing myself in many forms of yoga with meditation and it is a mysterious and amazing unfolding journey.

Laughing River is a sanctuary full of caring and amazing instructors with a warm and wonderful clientele.  I enjoy every class and never feel intimidated or nervous even when the routines are a bit more challenging than I can handle.  I’ve learned to modify and be at peace with where my body can take me……thanks to the coaching from my teachers. Also the studio interior with warm brick walls and the mighty River flowing outside creates a space that is peaceful yet energizing.

When I am not doing yoga I’m dreaming about my next yoga class!  I own Close To Home Bath & Hardware showroom along with my new venture of passion called Faucetto. My first “green” USA made faucet and hardware design features skull knobs.  I am very proud to offer my amazing staff free yoga classes at Laughing River.

My favorite breakfast is a delicious Avocado Toast (gluten free) and an Americano coffee at Pingala Cafe ……very convenient because it is right by the yoga studio!  I actually just discovered the joys of coffee.  I do a bunch of cooking and enjoy making all types of stews and soups. Food is an interesting topic to me after discovering a gluten allergy a few years back.  Since giving up gluten I’ve had fewer physical ailments and much more energy.  If anyone out there is feeling achy or low energy I encourage you to get a simple gluten blood test or just go gluten free.

I wholeheartedly thank all of the teachers and students I’ve met and practiced with. You all have made me feel welcomed, nurtured , and I deeply respect and care about all of you. Thank you for this opportunity to express myself.”