We’re honored to have Demetria Fischer as part of our yoga studio community. Demi is our student of the month. Here’s a little about why we think she’s so special. Demi participated in an interview we conducted to get to know her better and here’s what we learned (see below). Thank you Demi for being you!

“I started practicing yoga at the age of 63, after retiring from IBM.  Up to that point, my focus was on my family life, running a household, and my job.  I decided it was time to work on me.

I practice yoga for many reasons – helping to keep this old body flexible and functioning, calming and focusing through breath practice, and the camaraderie I share with students and teachers.

I initially chose Laughing River Yoga because Jill Mason was teaching classes for people over 50 and it was close to my house.  I have stayed because of the teachers, the class choices, the beautiful studio, the living river, and the sacredness I feel walking in the steps of the souls who worked in the original mill.

When not going to yoga and meditation classes, I spend time with my family, friends and my two dogs and yoga partners, Duck and Finney.  I do volunteer work for Labs4rescue and read. Oh, and shop at Perrywinkle’s!”