charlesWe’re stoked that Charles Dowling is a part of our yoga studio community. This July, Charles is our student of the month. Here’s a little about why we think he’s so special. Charles wrote this response to some questions we asked to get to know him better. Thank you Charles for being you!

A very wise man (my teacher) explained to me that we hold trauma in our bodies more so then in our minds. I really wanted to explore that concept and experience some release. And so my yogic journey began! I’ ve been practicing for 4 years.

Laughing River Yoga is my studio of choice first and foremost, because of the teachers. I really like them all in a unique and special way. I have learned so much by attending their classes and continue to take those things home with me. Also… the space. There is a vibration in the Chace Mill that I really like being a part of. There is a very old energy that plays with the new energy brought by all of us. its pretty rad.

Besides profound healing, one of the things I love about the practice is how deep and close it has brought me to my breath. My advise to a new practitioner is to be patient and consisitent with your practice. It will most certainly will save your life…

When I’m not doing yoga, I’m a musician so much of my free time is spent writing music. I love everything Vermont has to offer. I work at Pingala Cafe as well, which I love!!  Other then playing music I love to paint. My favorite food is anything colorful and made/grown with love and care. My favorite art would be… music 😉  I like to include all of my loved ones in any of those activities.