We’re honored to have Caitlin Crossett as part of our yoga studio community. This April, Caitlin is our student of the month. Here’s a little about why we think she’s so special. Caitlin wrote this response to some questions we asked to get to know her better. Thank you Caitlin for being you!

I began regularly practicing yoga this past July when I moved to Burlington. I have always been inspired by my mom’s daily home yoga practice and decided to start a practice regimen of my own. Initially, I started to practice yoga to meet others in Burlington, but my practice very quickly became a way for me to take a break from the rigors of my school work and to find peace for at least an hour a day.

Laughing River is my studio of choice because of the sense of community I get from practicing here. I’m beyond thankful for the diversity of people that I have met at LRY. I love walking into the studio to a room full of familiar faces who are always willing to share a laugh, an anecdote from their day, or a word of advice.

When I’m not at yoga I can be found at UVM where I am a PhD student in Civil and Environmental Engineering, or at any of the local coffee shops in town making sure I stay fully caffeinated! Beyond being a grad student I enjoy spending as much time as I can outside with my wonderful friends!

My favorite hobbies include hiking, skiing, playing tennis, and most importantly spending time with my two cats Olive and Arthur! A friend and I are attempting to hike all the peaks in the state of VT, as well as filling out our VT brewery passports on the way!