We’re honored to have Amanda Richer as part of our yoga studio community. This February, Amanda is our student of the month. Here’s a little about why we think she’s so special. Amanda wrote this response to some questions we asked to get to know her better. Thank you Amanda for being you!

“I first started practicing yoga about 10 years ago when I was introduced to bikram by a friend. But before I discovered Laughing River I had been out of the Yoga game for a few years,going to a class here and there. Yoga came back into my life in May of 2017 when I was at a very low point with my depression and anxiety. I decided to join a friend to a Monday evening kripalu class taught by Emily. I never could have imagined that day how Yoga and Laughing River would impact my life.

Laughing river first became my studio of choice merely because of convenience. However that is no longer the reason I practice there.  From the teachers to the space itself, there is something so special about Laughing river as a whole. It’s more than just a yoga studio to me, it’s a space I feel incredibly comfortable and at peace.

When I’m not practicing yoga I work full time as a hairstylist, practice a vegan diet and am a dog Mom to a sweet rescue named Tallulah. I also thrive on reading poetry, seeing live music and connecting with Mother Nature as much as I can. Incorporating mindfulness into my daily routine has also been something I try to focus more on, and I even plan on going through yoga teacher training in the next year or so. I will forever be great full that yoga has become such a huge part of my life both physically and mentally. And I owe a huge part of that to the teachers at Laughing River for always inspiring me.”