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Earth Connection: Gentle Yoga and Meditation Practice

Our connection to the earth impacts every shape, relationship, and transition both on the mat and in our daily life. Your very body is nature manifest. When we practice conscious relationship with our body through yoga, we simultaneously practice conscious relationship with the earth and the community of life.


In this gentle yoga practice, experience the qualities of earth -- such as stability, nurturance, malleability -- within your own being. Explore how actively rooting into earth creates an expansive rebound effect. As always, the practice on the yoga mat creates a mirror for what is possible in all arenas of life. Connection with the self can be a portal for connection with all beings, and students are invited to tend to their personal awakening as integral to collective transformation.


Class will include a gentle yoga flow, meditation, and harmonium-led chanting. All are welcome.


This workshop will be held in-person at the Chace Mill.

Friday March 8,2024


$27/$21 Cosmic Members

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