deb sherrer


Deb fell in love with yoga in a pre-natal class 15 years ago and began practicing regularly soon after. While she has always engaged in various forms of exercise, it was immediately apparent that yoga offered an opportunity to work with mind, body, breath and energy all in one powerful package and that the benefits were enormous. Deb completed the Vajra Yoga Teacher Training Program led by Jill Satterfield and Emily Garrett which was a perfect fit due to its emphasis on mindfulness, alignment, breath and deep embodiment of the poses. For Deb, yoga is an opportunity to connect to one’s true experience on physical, emotional, intellectual and energetic planes, and in doing so, experience a sense of home-coming and integration. It is also strengthening, energizing, relaxing and fun! In teaching, Deb aspires to create a space that allows participants to engage in yoga in a safe, compassionate and individual way. As Matthew Sanford, a master yoga teacher and paraplegic, says: “Yoga can move through any body.” Deb enjoys helping anyone who wants to experience yoga to try it, and as a result, is excited to be teaching her first “beginners” class at Laughing River.
Deb has additional training in therapeutic yoga, including completing a trauma-sensitive yoga certification program at the Trauma Center directed by Bessel van der Kolk, a renowned trauma expert. She offers trauma-sensitive yoga classes at the Vermont Center for Yoga and Therapy, as well as private sessions related to trauma or other personal or therapeutic needs (e.g., infertility). Deb plans to offer more Yoga and Writing: Exploring the Gifts of Two Practices workshops at Laughing River and would love to explore an on-going class for students interested in both practices. To learn more about Deb and various services, classes or workshops, visit her website at or