Healing the

Feminine Breathwork

with Mackensey Smith

*open to students of all gender identities*

This workshop will be held on the Yoga Deck at the Burlington Surf Club. 

Call it yin/yang, shiva/shakti, masculine/feminine. All of us hold these principles within us, yet in western society rigid gender stereotypes have kept us from exploring and harmonizing these traits. 


In this class we will approach healing the feminine through recognizing inherited belief systems surrounding rigidity, fear, money and control while inviting in more ease, tenderness, and shifting the awareness from the head into the heart. This work is crucial not only for the benefit of ourselves but also our communities and Mother Earth, all of which benefit from the balancing of masculine and feminine energies within the individual.


We will begin the workshop with a group exercise to soften the heart and set a clear intention. Following this you will be guided in a heart-opening, transformational Breathwork Journey that will work to pull up stored emotional and spiritual “gunk” in the body, filter it through the heart, and create LASTING change in the body, mind and spirit. Sound, essential oils, energy healing and sacred circle work are all tools incorporated into this unique healing experience.



** Dress comfortably and bring anything that will make you feel comfortable as we will be laying down (yoga mat, blanket, water, etc) There will also be mats available if you don’t have your own. I also suggest bringing something to cover your eyes (eye pillow, scarf, etc).


** About Breathwork: Breathwork is an active self-healing meditation technique (as taught by David Elliott) that allows for emotional detox, clearing of blocked energy and negative thought patterns, cellular restoration and ultimately coming back into alignment with your Heart. This work leaves you feeling softer, unburdened, and with a natural high as you reclaim your place in the spiral of love between yourself and the world around you.

For questions about Breathwork, email Mackensey at kenseyshine@radiancerealized.com

September 11, 2020
6:45-8 PM

$25/$20 Members

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