Julie Serow


Julie began practicing yoga to enhance her career as a professional dancer, but quickly discovered that the practice led her to a realm of truth-seeking and self-inquiry that drew her to dive deep into the ancient practice. She completed her initial teacher training in 2014 at Laughing Lotus Yoga Center. Julie has since studied and completed training in Ayurveda, Hands-On Assists, Katonah Sequencing, Restorative Yoga and Inversions. In 2018, Julie moved from New York City to Vermont seeking a different quality of life, one that involved nature and quiet (two things hard to find in NYC!).

Julie's classes incorporate breath with fluid, intuitive movement and yogic philosophy to create an experience that goes beyond pure physical practice. With a sense of humor and emphasis on the fact that all bodies are different, Julie's classes, even the vigorous ones, are accessible to everyone regardless of ability and experience. She is a firm believer that yoga is a transformative, lifelong practice that fosters love and kindness and is humbled to have the opportunity to spread this powerful practice with others.

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