White Room

Clear Space, Clear Mind: Creating Sacred Space in Your Home

with Erica Antell 

Our homes are a direct reflection of who we are and what we are holding physically, mentally, and emotionally. A cluttered, unorganized home leads to a distracted and busy mind that prevents us from being truly present with ourselves and those we share our space with. A home designed with intention and a dedicated sanctuary space for daily practice creates the conditions for us to be more conscious and clear in navigating our day to day lives.


In this workshop, we'll work to release what is no longer serving us so that we can create clear space in our homes and minds. Erica will lead you through gentle asana practice, meditation and visualizations to help you envision and create your home sanctuary. She will also provide tips for clearing and styling your space so that you can calm your mind and focus on your practice without distraction, leaving you feeling nurtured in your home and grounded when you leave.

February 5, 2022
$25/$20 Cosmic Members