Change Your Posture: Change Your Life

with Jonathan FitzGordon

Join movement science specialist and Corewalking Program founder Jonathan FitzGordon for an illuminating weekend-long workshop. 

The chance to change the way you walk is the opportunity of a lifetime. Most people take between 5,000-10,000 steps a day and don’t think about any of them. For the most part, how you walk is how you walk, something you do without thinking. However, making a conscious attempt to assess and change the way you walk and stand will give you more energy and less pain and discomfort.

Join Jonathan for the whole weekend or register for individual workshops during the Change Your Posture: Change Your Life weekend!

Friday PM (2 hours) Change Your Posture, Change Your life: The Art Of Tadasana

 7:15-9:15pm ; $40


Saturday AM (2 hours) Yoga for Hips & Balance

12-2pm; $40


Saturday PM (3 hours) Psoas Release Party!

3-6pm; $60


Sunday AM (2 Hours) Yoga for Strength & Stability

10:30-12:30pm; $40



Sunday PM (3 Hours) What Is CoreWalking? (And Why Do I Need It?) 

12:45-3:45pm; $60

October 22-24, 2021

Whole Weekend Early Bird (Register on or before 10/1): $225