with Jonathan FitzGordon

Friday 7:15-9pm $35
Posture Class: The Art of Tadasana
Tadasana is the foundation pose of most yoga practices. But how well do you see yourself in tadasana? How well do you see yourself as you go about your day? This workshop with change the way you see and feel your body in space. Making simple changes to the way you stand in yoga and life has a profound effect on your daily life, pain issues, and athletic performance.

Saturday 12-2:30pm $45
Yoga for Hips & Balance
We need to initiate our movement from the core of the body. To do that we need pelvic tone for strength, balance and fluidity. This workshop focuses on muscles of the pelvis that facilitate balance and healthy movement patterns.

Saturday 3-6pm $60
Psoas Release Party 
The psoas is the most important muscle in the body acting as the main hip flexor and the engine of walking. A free and happy psoas allows the body to move with peak efficiency and little strain. Issues with the psoas can lead to any number of problems throughout your body- both physical and emotional. Lower back pain and other joint discomfort as well as disturbances to the nervous system can be linked to the psoas. This in not a yoga class. We spend the afternoon awakening, learning about and release the iliopsoas muscle group and understanding its core function within the body.

Sunday 10:30am-1:30pm $60
What is CoreWalking? (And Why do I need it?)
In this class you will learn a natural walking technique that helps to align your bones, free your joints and bring welcome relief to overused muscles. When the body moves as designed all parts move in harmony and the body becomes as self healing machine. Using the CoreWalking techniques, you can bring your body into a state of balance that allows you to both move and age gracefully.


Spring, 2021

$175 whole weekend

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