Together We Rise Training

with Candace Taylor 

Oppression is defined as a "system that maintains advantage or disadvantage, based on social identities (ie. race, class, gender, age, sexuality, ability etc.), and operates intentionally or unintentionally, on individual, institutional and cultural levels." Once we understand the framework of oppression, we can more clearly see the fragmented parts of ourselves and others, and consciously choose to to move toward wholeness.

Through self study and exploration, we will examine how we can create spaces where people of all identities can show up and be fully who they are, and where they are, with compassion and love.This training is thoughtfully developed to take you on a personal journey where you will be asked to dig deep, to transform, and to move toward your fullest potential.

Throughout the weekend you can expect the following to be integrated and explored (listed in no particular order):
Restorative/Reparative Justice
Moral conversation
Somatic practices
Writing/Reading/Art reflections
Non-Violent communication
Active listening
Yoga philosophy
Intergroup dialogue

Candace has more than two decades of experience as a social justice activist and educator. She is also a classically trained Hatha Yoga teacher and has been practicing yoga for 10 years. She brings her wealth of knowledge, experience and passion together in this program in service of a better world.

Training meets Friday 7:15-9:15 pm, Saturday 12-6 pm and Sunday 10 am-3 pm.

September 18-20, 2020


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